Thursday, January 22, 2015

My Emmy Girl

Emmy is such a sweet, sensitive girl with an amazing memory and attention to detail. Sometimes it really drives me nuts, but she has been showing the more positive sides of these traits lately and I love it.

When we told Emmy that Uncle Kyle was going to Rexburg to go to school, she broke down in tears and said, "I don't want him to go away again!" She sure loves her Uncle Kyle. Then she insisted on calling him on the phone to make sure he was ok and that he wasn't leaving forever.

She also love, love, LOVES her cousin Rivers. Anytime she gets to play with him is the best day ever!

It was her turn to take the preschool class pet home last week. She loved having Daisy the Dog at our house and took very good care of her all week.

Just eating some brocoli in her swimsuit. With 5 headbands in her hair.

This is when she was reading books to Zach. It was so cute.

Playing dress-ups with some friends.

And here she is taking care of all her "children".  She wanted to give that black bear on the left to Zach because "he doesn't have any stuffed animals and this bear will make him happy." I almost cried. It was so nice and thoughtful and cute. And every time Zach was sad she would bring him that bear.

I love my sweet Emmy girl!

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