Sunday, November 10, 2013


Lots of people say to me, "Why don't you just hire a babysitter for a few hours so you can have a break and get out?" I'll tell you why. Finding people to watch my kids stresses me out.

1. Babysitters are expensive. My budget is tight and I just can't bring myself to pay $30 for a night out. Especially when my kids are asleep for most of the time. I'm sorry but I don't think babysitters are worth that much money.

2. I hate calling them. I don't know the teenagers in my neighborhood very well, and they don't know me either, and I feel awkward calling them. Plus, I hate calling people and leaving messages only for them not to call me back. (This has happened multiple times.) And, twice I have hired a babysitter who has cancelled at the last minute.

3. I hate asking people for favors. I can only ask family members or neighbors for favors so often, and usually only for short periods of time, and only certain people are willing. My parents live close and are willing to help out occasionally. But I feel like I have to reserve those favors for times when I really need it, like doctor's appointments or stuff like that. My sister used to be willing and then she moved far away and can't anymore. :( And my neighbors are often busy running their kids here and there. There really isn't anyone in my neighborhood that only has younger kids like me.

4. Emily throws a fit anytime I leave her with a babysitter.

So that is why I end up doing everything myself. And then blowing up because I get burned out. I really need to find a solution to this problem because I can't do it myself.


Jessica Shepherd said...

If you ever need me to watch your kids I am more than willing. I don't mind driving up to your house to do so.

Christy said...

Thank you Jessica! You are great!