Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Flower salad, fishing, and 4-wheeling!

Last week we had some fun at the cabin! When I was a little girl, my cousin Melissa and I would always make "flower salad" at the cabin. It was our favorite! So I had to introduce Emmy to the art of flower salad. She loved it!
The idea is that you go around and put wildflowers in a cup, then hike up the little hill behind the cabin to the trickle of water stream and fill the rest of the cup with water. Then, Melissa and I would always give it to our Grandpa Lee to eat. And we were convinced that he really did eat it! So of course I showed Emmy how to give some to her grandpa! Ha! Grandpa Lee would have been proud!

Grandpa also took Emmy fishing. Here he is showing her how to bait the hook.

And taking her out to the shore.

Waiting for a bite...

and here's her fish! She actually caught 3 fish with Grandpa! Then she tried to reach out and pet it. Ha!

She wasn't too thrilled about going on the rope swing. She only liked it as long as I held onto her while swinging.

This is how I found her during her nap. All curled up in her sleeping bag reading books.

And we love to go on 4-wheeler rides too!

Fun fun!

Nathan and Jessica surprised us Tuesday night. It was pouring rain and we were playing Settlers and all of a sudden we hear the 4-wheeler start up. I said, "Why does it sound like someone is stealing our 4-wheeler?" So my dad ran downstairs and yelled, "Who's there?" Then Nathan climbed up onto the deck and barged in the front door! We weren't expecting them to come since Jessica was due to have a baby 3 days later.

Later that night we found Nathan asleep like this...

It reminded me of this...

Zach and Olivia played on the floor most of the time.

And Emmy was striking poses out on the rocks.

Zach was fascinated with this grass.

Anyway it was another great time at the cabin!

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The Lively's said...

How Fun! What a fun Grandpa! You should have poured water on your brother as pay back! You are too nice!