Monday, July 22, 2013

Emmy is 3!!!

My little Emmy girl turned 3 last week. I can't believe she's 3! For her birthday she requested to have a Nemo party with Nemo cake (which I will post about later). We did that the Saturday before her birthday. On her actual birthday we did lots of things that Emmy loves to do.

She loves to get ice cream so we went and got some froyo! We also went to feed the ducks and to the park in the morning.

She loves to swim in her little pool in the backyard, and she got this fun slip-n-slide from her cousins, so we set that up too. She didn't really get how to do it, but she had fun just scooting along the slide.

She got some fun presents from Mom and Dad and Zach and we had some birthday cake. She also loves balloons, so she got some of those to wake up to. She kept wanting to take them in the car and they kept flying away every time we would open the door. Ooops! We also took her to her first movie in the theater...Monsters U. She was very apprehensive about being in the big dark room, and she sat on Daddy's lap most of the time, but she watched the whole movie. We also took Zach since we could not find a babysitter, and he did pretty well. I had to stand with him part of the time, but at least I didn't have to leave!

At 3 years old, Emmy is a very independent girl. She wants to do everything herself and she wants to have things her way. I'm not exactly sure how to deal with this because she throws a fit when something is not done her way or in her timeframe. Obviously, this is not acceptable. Most of the time I just ignore her fits or she gets a time-out, but it doesn't seem to be working.

She is sometimes apprehensive about trying new things, but once you show her how, she exclaims, "I want to try!" She likes to dress herself, which can be very entertaining to see what she comes out wearing. Her clothes are often mismatched and on backwards, so she looks like a little ragamuffin half the time. Especially because she hates to get her hair done and tries to run away when I'm trying to fix it.

Although she is independent at home with her family, when she is around others, she is very shy. She often doesn't do well with other kids. For example, in nursery she will play just fine if I am there, but when I leave she goes and sits in a corner by herself. Or when other kids are at the park, she has a hard time going and playing like she usually does. Or she really doesn't like to go play at the neighbors and stuff. I'm also not sure what to do about this. I want to help her make friends.

She is also a very sweet, caring girl. She likes to give hugs to mom and dad. She takes such good care of her babies and stuffed animals. She is always feeding them and putting them down for naps, etc. She loves to go to Grandma Shepherd's house and jump on the trampoline and she loves to go to Grandma Lively's house and feed the dog and chase her around.

She is very protective of her things and we are trying to teach her how to share. (Not sure how to be successful at that one either.) She is also learning to say "I'm sorry" and will often come up to me and say she's sorry for some random thing. It's so cute.

She loves to see animals, and especially loves to go to the aquarium and Wheeler Farm. She loves to feed bread to the duckies. She loves to do crafts, especially ones that involve stickers. She is getting really good at saying her prayers and singing Primary songs. The last thing she always says in her prayers is to bless Uncle Kyle on his mission, and it's stinkin' cute.

She will walk around with a pretend phone and "talk" to people. Most of the time she "calls" Aunt Laurie and asks if she's changing Olivia's bum. Ha!

She loves to be silly and loves to be tickled and chased and wrestled. She loves mac-n-cheese and most fruits and cereal and yogurt. She also loves popsicles and French fries. I promise I do feed her real food!

She loves when Daddy comes home and when she hears the garage door opening, she runs to open the door to the house for him. She also likes to watch "shows". Her favorites are Dora, Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc, and Little Mermaid. She loves to read books too.

She got this cute little scooter for her birthday from Grandma Lively, and she loves to ride it around!

She also likes to open and close the doors on the new van. She loves baths and stays in there until the water is cold and we make her get out. She also loves to go potty everywhere we go. I think she just likes to see all the different bathrooms! Ha! She has her Daddy wrapped around her little finger.

Anyway, we are grateful to have this cute, silly girl in our family. Happy Birthday Emmy! We sure do love you!

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