Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Iron Dean

My next-door neighbor growing up was diagnosed with brain cancer last summer. It came as a shock to everyone because Dean Bullock is...well...a Bullock! He is just about the healthiest, fittest, most amazing athlete I know! Their whole family is. They run marathons, do triathlons...and make it look easy! Seriously, I would probably be able to keep up with any one of them for about 10 seconds before they left me in the dust.

In fact, when Matt and I got married, Matt always joked and called the Bullocks "the Joneses" because my Dad always talked about them and running and how we could never keep up with them in our races. Ha!

A bunch of the Bullocks at the last St. George Ironman
Anyway, Dean and some of his kids started doing Ironmans awhile ago. Yeah, awesome! (I pretty much died in my marathon, let alone doing a 2.4-mile swim and a 112-mile bike ride BEFORE running a marathon.)

The mother of all Ironmans is the Kona World Championships (it's like the Boston Marathon of triathlons) and Dean has dreamed of going ever since he started doing tris, but hasn't quite been able to qualify or win the lottery entries. Watch his video here and let him tell you his story. You'll be inspired, I promise! He's in the finals of the Kona Inspired contest. If he wins, he gets to go to the Kona Ironman! Go, vote for him. Support something awesome.

I am running the AF Canyon half marathon this Saturday with a bunch of family members and friends...we are all running in honor of our neighbor Dean. This is a race that raises money for local cancer patients. And...Saturday is the last day to vote. Just do it!