Wednesday, June 19, 2013

13 for Dean

As I mentioned before, I ran the American Fork 1/2 marathon last Saturday with some family members and friends. We wore our IronDean shirts in honor of Dean. (He won, by the way, so he is going to Kona!)

Anyway, I had originally planned on running the 5K, but a couple of weeks ago I got the crazy idea that I could run the 1/2 marathon so I switched. I talked my friend Caron into doing it with me.
We had to get up at 3:30 a.m. to get on the bus by 4:30 that took us up the canyon to the start line. Ugh! That is one thing I do not like about races!

Anyway, despite my lack of training, I felt really good and kept a pretty good (for me) pace up until Mile 8. Mile 8 was hard, but then I got a 2nd wind or something until Mile 12.

Mile 12 was hard, but I kept going and then I saw this sign...
Dean had to have another surgery last week...let's hope he recovers well so he can start training for Kona!

And it gave me just enough "ooomph" to finish up. My final time was 2 hours and 35 minutes. I probably could have done it 5 minutes faster, but I had to take 2 potty breaks.

I actually kept up with my Dad and Nathan until my first bathroom break at about Mile 5.

And Matt, Allison, Jacob, and Jessica did the 5K.

And....there was Kneader's french toast at the finish line! post-race food EVER!

Anyway, it was a fun race, and one I'd definately do again.

And I don't think I did half bad for not having trained...not my best time ever, but not my worst either! (I really only did one long run of 8.5 miles before the race).

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