Wednesday, June 19, 2013

8 Months

 Mr. Zach turned 8 months last weekend! At 8 months, Zach...

-loves to clap his feet together
-can sit up
-likes to hold things in one hand and bat them around with the other hand
-has a cute little grin on his face most of the time
-is doing better at sleeping through the night...he's almost got it! (He slept over at his grandma's house a few nights ago and has been doing pretty well ever since)
-can roll over both ways
-likes to play with his toes
-loves to eat
-likes his sippy cup (he NEVER would take a bottle...)
-loves to watch Emily do whatever she is doing
-loves his mommy
-is doing better with the spit up issue
-usually will take 2 good naps a day (hallelujah!)

Here are some cute pictures of my little cutie...

Although Zach was a difficult baby, he has really mellowed out the past couple of months and has become quite delightful. He is content to sit and play with his toys (as long as I am in close proximity), he smiles and laughs often, and he is sleeping a lot better.

And he really does love his mommy. A lot. He starts to whimper whenever someone takes him from me or if I walk out of a room. Or if someone else gets him up from his nap. And his faces lights up when his daddy gets home too.