Monday, June 4, 2012

Dirty Dash

Last weekend at the *very* last minute, Matt and Nathan decided to run the Dirty Dash.It's a 5.5 mile course that is all through the mud and has different obstacles you have to get past. Our friend, Caron, had gotten a group together and some people dropped out so she had some openings. Here they are at the start.

The beginning was a run up a muddy hill. The course was at Soldier Hollow...all up and down the mountain side.

Emily and I watched. (Well, we couldn't really see anything besides the start and finish.)

Em was just chillin in the camp chair watching the finishers dogs.

I missed Nathan coming through the mud pit at the finish line, but here is Matt (in the red shirt).


Almost there!

And they finished. (This was after they had hosed off.) They both said it was a blast and want to do it again.

After that, we went to Park City to hang out with my cousin who was up there for the week. It only took us an hour to get Emily into the pool. But then she loved it!

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