Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Summer's underway

I'm so excited it's finally summertime! We took Emmy to visit the cemetery this weekend for Memorial Day. She was pretty much in heaven with all the flowers, pinwheels, flags, and balloons. She would run from grave to grave pointing at the flowers saying, "This one so pretty!" and "Here's a pink one!" and "Go see that orange one over there!" or whatever.

We went to visit my Grandma Brady's grave and Matt's Grandma and Grandpa Lively's graves. We tried to tell Emmy about them, but she got confused and said, "Go to Grandma's house now?"

We also went last week to visit my Great-Granny Alta, who just turned 98. Up until a few weeks ago, she has lived by herself and would constantly be doing things like crocheting dish towels and blankets and feeding the cats. 

But she got sick a few weeks ago, and isn't doing so well. Even though she couldn't get out of bed when we went to visit, she was still cracking jokes. We asked her if she was tired, and she said, "How can you be tired when you just lay in bed all day?" Haha! Anyway, it was really sad to see her in her hospital bed, but I just hope she can be comfortable and happy. She has spent her whole life serving others, and she deserves to be happy. But we will miss her a lot when her times comes.

This week we went to the zoo and saw this...

It was beautiful. Emmy especially loved the elephants, giraffes, and tigers this time. She kept asking if we could go see the elephants again. It was pretty cute.

She has been saying pretty cute things lately. Like how on Sunday we asked her what she did in nursery and she said, "Play blue ball, and puzzles, and eat snacks, and eat apples, and that's all!"  Or how when we told her we were going to the store, she said, "Look at couches?" (That is when you really just need to pick a darn couch!) Or how every time we leave the house she says, "Bye new house! And cookies! Cookies all gone?"  Or when I asked her where the baby was, she said, "Hiding in Mommy's tummy." Ha!

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Kristen Brady said...

I love this age where they talk more and say whatever is on their minds! It makes for some great stories! ;)