Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The no-good, very bad birthday

My birthday this year was pretty crummy. I usually love my birthday, and love celebrating with lots of people and fun things. But not this year. The night before my birthday I spent most of the night in the bathroom throwing up. The early part of the morning was pretty much the same. Then I was dead tired, but couldn't take a nap because by that time Emily had woken up and needed to be taken care of. Matt had to leave early for work because of a special project he had going on that day with some people from out of town. I felt sick and tired most of the day, and couldn't eat much (my birthday breakfast and lunch consisted of toast and juice). Emily was whiny, since she was getting over being sick. And then Matt came home from work feeling sick too.

By late afternoon, I was actually feeling good enough to eat something and maybe actually do something celebratory, but poor Matt came home feeling sick and crashed on the couch for the rest of the night. So I went to Zupas and got myself some soup and ate it by myself. It was the most lonely, boring birthday I've ever had. I don't think I've ever had a birthday where I've just had to stay home by myself and not do anything fun at all, let alone take care of myself while sick and take care of a whiny 2-year-old, and have a sick hubby. I like my birthday to be a special day full of visitors and fun things and decorations and yummy food.

I know it's not anyone's fault that we all got sick, but I was really sad that it happened on my birthday. This better not be an omen of how this upcoming year will be. Good thing I'm going to Alaska next week to forget about the whole thing.


Mystique Shepherd said...

Just postpone your birthday and do it over again. Birthdays should last a month anyway. Wait until you and Em feel better and party on!!! Besides who's going to know? I wont say anything. Everyone deserves to be celebrated. I'm doing fathers day over again for Scott. Poor guy had a sick wife and son and had to pack and leave for scout camp after being a single dad for a week. Do overs are awesome!!!

The Lively's said...

Sorry you were sick! Welcome to the world of having kids! :) I agree with Mystique you can totally do it again. And HELLO you are going on a week long cruise so it seems like thinks are working out just great, and at least you guys weren't sick for your cruise!!! Have fun and enjoy your week long Vacation! I am super jealous!!!