Monday, April 20, 2009

Bittersweet release

Yesterday the bishop informed us that we are getting released from Primary next week. I won't lie...this has been the hardest calling I think I've ever had. I've come home from church crying, I've spent some quality time with my punching bag, I've even prayed to get released.

But I have to admit that when the bishop broke the news, I was sad.

I will really miss some of those kids. We have two little girls that are so sweet. There is one little curly-haired girl that likes to snuggle up next to Matt. She is so cute. And the other one is adorable too. Whenever we bring treats, she saves one to share with her brother.

I will also miss some of the funny and strange comments that are made in Primary. Some of my favorites were..."I'm gonna marry Bennett in the big white temple," "I'm so angry!," "Please help me not to be afraid to go to school " (that one was in a prayer), "I'd certainly love another one," and "Deee-licious!."

I most definately have learned a lot from this calling. I've learned that you really have to be creative and mix things up A LOT with 5-year-olds. I've learned that they need a lot of repetition, they love to have their turn, and they like to sit on the floor. I've learned the difference between kids who are disciplined in their home and those who aren't. I've learned that the parents really need to be involved in their kids' behavior in Primary and not just come and dump them off. I've learned that Primary teachers need to be shown appreciation, and I have vowed that I am going to teach my kids to say thank you to their teachers each week and bring them thank-you notes and treats once in awhile. I will also ask their teachers how they acted each week and follow up with my kid every week. I've also learned that they may not remember so much what you teach them, but they will remember how they felt in Primary. I also learned that even though you may not be the best at your calling, if you give your best effort, Heavenly Father will help you to be good enough.

However, I will not miss preparing a lesson every week and trying to come up with different things to do all the time. I will not miss having Primary songs stuck in my head all week long. And I will not miss certain kids in our class.

But I'm still sad. I know it's weird to be sad after all the complaining I have done about this calling. But I am. I just really hope I get a good new calling. We are most likely moving out of the ward in 2 months anyway, so it seems weird to get a new calling for that short of a time.


Lively's said...

I'm going to laugh if you get put into scouts!!! So hello where are you moving to?

Piccolina Designs said...

I am sad for you. We teach the 4 year olds that will turn 5 this year. We had them last year also when they were sunbeams and have just moved up with them. Yes there are times I want to put them in a corner and cry because it is frustrating, but there are some great times like this last Sunday. They were all so quick with the answers (and they were right:) ) and each had a part in sharing time (talk, prayer, scripture, etc.). It was fun to watch and listen to them. It is almost like we are their parents sometimes because we are so proud of them.
Maybe you'll get called to YW or something :0 I'm not sure we will ever be released from primary, but most of the time that is ok.

Christy said...

Our lease for our apt is just up at the end of June and we are not quite sure what we are going to do yet.

singingrae said...

Thanks for this post. I am in the Primary presidency and I have to second everything you said. I never wanted a primary calling but I really love it now-- and I really agree that a little appreciation goes a long way!