Monday, April 27, 2009

95 and still going strong

My great-granny Alta turned 95 this weekend! We all headed down to Fairview to celebrate with her. She is amazing. At 95 years old, she still lives alone and takes care of herself. She remembers all of us and even sends us cards or homemade gifts on our birthdays. She is such a good example of quiet service and love.

The best part of the celebration was that my dad was playing this peppy song on the piano and Granny started dancing! It was great. She also said that when she goes on walks she brings a golf club with her to keep the dogs away. Ha! I love it! And now I know where I get my dislike for dogs from. Happy Birthday Granny! I love you!

We also had to do 20 miles for our marathon training before going to Fairview. So since we didn't have time after the run to stretch and ice and stuff, we attempted to do it in the car on the way. So here we are with our garbage bags of ice covering our legs. (We are still sore though.) It was definately a tough one! It's the longest we run we have to do before the actual marathon. For the next three weeks, we are supposed to taper off until the big race! I hope we'll make it! But seriously, we deserve a prize for making it 20 miles....who wouldda thought?


Leserlee said...

20 miles?? Good job! When Carl ran his marathon, he said the worst part was going downhill. Killer on his knees. They are permanently screwed up now. So good luck, may your knees hold out!

Lively's said...

My Aunt and Uncle live in Fairview! John & Colleen Perry. You will have to ask if she knows them. They are on a mission right now but have lived there as long as I have known them. I always loved going to Fairview it is a pretty place.

Piccolina Designs said...

I love that you iced your legs with huge trash bags of ice in the car. The things we do when trying to be runners. Congrats on 20 miles. Someday I'll be as cool as you are.