Thursday, June 30, 2016

The rest of June

In June, Emmy had her dance recital. She begged and begged around Christmastime to take ballet class. After 2 weeks, she wanted to quit. I made her stay until the recital. She really didn't like dance too much, but at least now we know!

We were proud of her for performing even though she didn't want to.

We took a trip to the beach of course.

And plenty of swimming! These children LOVE to swim!

I went to Rexburg for an online faculty conference. It was windy!

It was also like a luxury vacation. I got to be by myself for 3 days. In my own hotel room. Of course, the meetings and classes I went to were awesome, and I'm so glad I get to be a part of it.

When we were in Utah, Zach kept saying he didn't want to wear diapers. I was not about to potty train him on vacation, but he kept his diaper dry for several days and kept asking for undies. So we got him some and he did great the rest of the trip. He only had 2 accidents the entire time we were there. Then as soon as we got back to California, he has refused to go in the toilet. Grrr!

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