Sunday, June 12, 2016


Emmy and her friend on twins day at school.

Our neighbors brought us Italian chocolate for pool sitting.

The kids earned their swingset by doing 500 nice things. It took them about 2/.5 months. They were so excited when it was delivered that they set out their chairs and watched the guy unload it. Ha!

They were almost as excited to play on the boxes as they were to play on the actual set.

Zach is obsessed with cereal. He wants to eat it for every meal. In the blue bowl. Sometimes he tries to get it himself and we end up with this.

I saw this in Emmy's room one day. Ha!

When it was time to set up the swingset, Emmy was so excited she couldn't even get dressed. She pulled on some boots with her nightgown and called it good. She puts those boots on every morning and goes out and plays.

Enjoying their hard-earned swingset!

One of my former BYUSA students got married and had an open house in the mountains not far from us. It was fun to be able to go! I love my BYUSA students so much and I miss working with them. It's so fun to see all the amazing things they're doing. Plus, it was 100 degrees that day, so going up to the mountains to cool off was nice.

I went on a field trip with Emily's class to the fire station. We walked there.

So cute!

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