Sunday, June 12, 2016

Kindergarten graduate!

I can't believe Emmy is done with kindergarten. It has been such a fun year! I'm excited for summer, but I'm sad kindergarten is over. She has had the most amazing teacher, and they have done so many fun things.

Here she is all ready to go to the last day of school!
They had field day, a picnic, and  kindergarten celebration on the last day. I got to help out the whole day!
Here they are at their picnic.

They put on an adorable little program.

How cute are they in their flower heads?!! They sang a song about how they were flowers growing in a garden.

Then their teacher had them each come up individually and she read a "story" about each of them. She talked about what they were good at and what was important about them. It was darling. Then she showed a slideshow of pictures of all the fun things they've done this year. And she made them each a personalized memory book. No wonder they all ran up to hug her!

She made this adorable photo backdrop. These are Emmy's 2 best friends from her kindergarten class. I'm so happy she's made friends at school. I hope she gets into the same 1st grade class with them!

Class of 2028????!!!!

And here is her amazing teacher, Mrs. Woodruff. Seriously, we lucked out in the teacher department. Since we had just moved here last year, I had no idea who to request for her teacher, but I'm SO glad Emily got put in Mrs. Woodruff's class. We could not have asked for a better teacher for her. I can't say enough about how great she is. Not only did she do such cute things with the kids all year long, but you could tell she loves them so much.

More cute pictures with her friends!

She saw some kids at school with candy leis and really wanted one. I made her one later that day after school and for dinner we had a "last day of school celebration" with pizza, cupcakes, and the candy lei!
Love my little kindergarten grad!

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