Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Star Wars 10K

In January, my friend Caron came to visit and we ran the Star Wars 10K at Disneyland. She made us some Ewok costumes. We had so much fun!

This was the starting line where we ran into Hyperspace. :) I liked the course for this race better than the other Disney one I did. But the other racers weren't as into it as the other one.

Even though it was not a hot day and it was very early in the morning, it was SO HOT running in those Ewok costumes.

But we finished and had a great time.

Then of course we hit the parks. I really didn't take very many pictures because we were having too much fun. But I did take this one. We went to the Animation Academy, where a Disney artist teaches you how to draw characters. We did Minnie. It was really fun. I'd never been there before so it was fun to do something new.

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