Saturday, January 30, 2016


Just some January happenings...

Emily wanted to play Frozen Monopoly 12 times a day.

We love Disneyland!

Daddy is the best!

Park days!

Gorgeous. Palm trees+orange groves+blue sky+ snow-covered mountains makes for great views while running.

Emily passed off all her kindergarten sight words!

Citrus sale time. These random stands popped up everywhere in front of people's houses. You just leave your money in the box. Yummy!

More time at the park.

Emmy's 100th day of school. She had to make a shirt with 100 things on it. She chose stars.

I took Emmy to this thing called the Compassion Experience. Basically it was a recruitment effort to get people to sponsor kids in 3rd world countries. But you walked through replicas of their homes, schools, etc and could really see what life is like in those countries.

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