Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas morning

The kids all ready for bed on Christmas Eve!

After Santa had come!

Zach found his candy cane full of M&Ms in his stocking first thing and was not interested in anything else for awhile.

Emmy loves board games!

Zach finally quit eating candy long enough to open a few presents.

Emmy was excited about her new pink sparkly shoes!

Emmy made me this cute calendar at school. Each month has a different design made out of her handprints.

The kids got wiggle cars! They proceeded to have races with them for a lot of the day. And every day since. :)

Emmy got this Shopkins grocery store. Zach loved it because it had doors, and elevator, and a slide. Ha!

Just lounging around after all the presents were opened.

It was a quiet Christmas, but it was nice. We were just grateful to be home from the hospital!

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