Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A Disney Christmas

Christmastime at Disneyland was just beautiful. They had 3 special Christmas ride makeovers: Small World, Jungle Cruise, and Haunted Mansion. Small World incorporated Christmas decorations from around the world and played Jingle Bells during the ride. The outside was amazing and they did a really cool projection show on the facade.

The Jungle Cruise was turned into the Jingle Cruise and there were Christmas decorations all over the jungle and the jokes were Christmas themed. It was actually pretty funny.

The Haunted Mansion was still decked out in Nightmare Before Christmas stuff. The tree on Main Street was huge!

The Christmas parade was darling.

I'm not sure what the stepsisters have to do with Christmas, but they were hilarious in the parade.

They had real snow and sledding in Arendale. It was adorable! It was called Olaf's Snowfest and it looked just like the Arendale courtyard. You could play in the snow and go sledding.

And Cars Land was my favorite. Everything was decked out and they had tons of Christmas trees made of car stuff like cones and tires. And I love the music in Cars's just so awesome. And they had Christmas music playing everywhere.

We also saw the World of Color Christmas show. It was amazing. And we got picked to be the special family to start the show. So we got really good seats, and Emmy got a "magic wand" that she got to point at the water to start the show. The cast members who chose us were so awesome! We got treated like special guests for the show.

And Eeyore was my favorite part of the Christmas parade. Pooh and Tigger ride by on sleds and then comes Eeyore pulling his because it broke. And stopping every so often to sigh. I loved it.

It was so fun being able to go at Christmas time!

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