Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Before I get into Halloween, October was kind of weird. It was still so hot, it didn't even feel like fall at all.So I had a hard time getting excited about Halloween. Normally it's one of my favorites, but this year I just couldn't get into it. I did think of great costumes though. Like the day before Halloween, which wasn't enough time to get them together. Maybe next year...

We have had some gorgeous sunsets though.

And it's been nice walking Emmy to school. Zach loves to stop and do a million things on the way home.

The other day they grabbed each others hands and were walking down the trail on the way to school. It made me smile.

Back to Halloween, for our ward party I said I would bring some sugar cookies for the kids to decorate. They turned out like this. Oops!

Our ward party had a chili dinner, carnival and trunk or treat. Emmy was so excited about trick or treating, she was counting down the days! She made the cutest little kitty.

And Zach nearly refused to wear a costume. He spent the entire party stealing pumpkins and running in and out of the door. What a stinker! I did finally get him to wear his Elvis costume from last year though.

Halloween itself was the strangest thing ever. It was really hot that day and we went to Disneyland during the day, which was fun. But it was getting to be almost 6:30 and nobody had come by yet. So I texted my neighbor who lives a couple streets down and asked if people trick or treated here. She said yes, they usually get a ton. Anyway, so I took the kids out, but less than half the neighbors had their lights on and were handing out candy. And it was so weird not knowing anyone whose houses we went to.

I really missed seeing all our neighbors and their cute costumes and knowing everyone. Anyway, we had to go twice as far because only half of the neighbors were even participating in Halloween. And we live on a hill so by the time we got to the bottom, the kids were tired. So I had to carry both bags of candy + Zach up the hill.

The other weird things was that of the neighbors who were handing out candy, they were all sitting in their driveways with their fire pits. And it was 80 degrees! And we hardly got any trick or treaters at our house.

Then, I heard that this lady in our ward who lives in the next neighborhood over made homemade donuts to give out on Halloween, so we decided to go over there. Well, it was PACKED! I'm not even kidding. There were cars lined up and down the streets of the whole neighborhood, you could not even park. And the line to her house for donuts was like 5 houses long! I've never seen anything like it. Apparently everyone from the whole city goes to her neighborhood. Maybe we 'll just go straight there next year.

Oh well, the kids still had fun and Emmy was proud of her costume and her candy she got.

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