Friday, November 6, 2015

A Disney Halloween

We went to Disneyland in the morning on Halloween. It was so fun! It wasn't too crowded, the weather was nice, and we (me and Emmy) wore costumes! Emmy wanted to wear her Snow White dress, so naturally we took some pictures by Snow White's wishing well. She also insisted on wearing her Minnie ears with the Snow White dress. She looked adorable.

She threw a penny in the wishing well and wished for cotton candy. This girl loves her treats and begs for them every time we go. I've started making her earn money for her treat at Disneyland when we go, and she gets one treat that she has to share with Zach each time.

We ran into Peter Pan outside the Peter Pan ride! He was hilarious!

He grabbed Emmy by the hand and told her they were going to go play a trick on the Evil Queen. So he took Emmy and ran over to the Queen and told Emmy to bow down and say, "Hello your ugliness!" The Queen of course was having none of that. She told Emmy, "Who is this boy putting lies into your head? Come to mother."

So Emmy went over and the Queen told Emmy to put her hand on her hip and not smile. Then she called me a rat (I was dressed as Minnie) and told me to take a picture. Then Peter jumped into the picture and then ran away.

Then the Queen told Emmy that I needed to take more pictures of them. It was so hilarious...I was dying! I love that we got to have this experience.

The park was all decked out for Halloween. Some of the characters were in costumes, and there were pumpkins and fall leaves everywhere.

My favorite was the giant Mickey pumpkin on Main Street. There were also character pumpkins above the entrance gates that were pretty neat.

And the Haunted Mansion was completely done over with a Nightmare Before Christmas theme. It was like a whole new ride!

And the Mickey plant was wearing a mask!

Zach kept asking if we could go see Belle and saying he wanted to give her a kiss. So adorable!

And Emmy wanted to go see Snow White to show her her dress. Snow White was adorable with the kids. She asked Emmy if she had been getting dressed in her closet since she had the same clothes. And then she showed Emmy how to hold out her dress for a picture. Then Zach wanted to hold Snow White's dress out for her. It was awesome!

I know I keep saying this, but I really love having an annual pass!

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