Monday, November 2, 2015

Field trip!

Last week I got to go on a field trip with Emmy's class to the pumpkin patch and farm. It was so fun!The pumpkin patch was darling. The kids got to ride on a tractor, learn about how honey is made and try some, see farm animals, feed some farm animals, pick a pumpkin, learn about oranges and avocados they grow there, and go through a hale bay maze. And have a picnic lunch. Oh and ride on a bus. Super exciting!

We were pretty packed in the tractor ride!

Emmy's class. I have really enjoyed her kindergarten experience so far. Her teacher is pretty great. They are constantly doing the cutest things. I really like her schedule. She is in the "afternoon session" and goes from 9:45-1:50. The morning session goes from 7:45-11:50, so they overlap for part of the day. At first I thought that was super weird.But I really like that there are only 12 kids in her class for half of the day, which means she gets to do some of the things in a much smaller group, which has been really good for her.

She is loving kindergarten so far!

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