Thursday, September 24, 2015

Rose Bowl

Last week we were able to go to the BYU/UCLA game at the Rose Bowl. It was really fun even though BYU lost. Matt was a nerd and insisted on wearing a Utah shirt to the game and cheering for UCLA (only because they were playing BYU...not because he actually likes UCLA). It was quite the experience. We'd never been to the Rose Bowl before.

It was huge! And we parked on a golf course, which was weird. There were quite a few BYU fans there. It was a great game up until the last few minutes. :(
It was probably one of the most expensive nights of our lives, with the tickets, parking, gas, food, and a babysitter, but when you have a chance to watch your team play at the Rose Bowl you take it!

The Utah football team is also coming to SoCal this year to play USC, so we will be going to that game too in a couple of weeks. Since we can't go to all the home games for both our teams like we used to, we'll have to do this instead.

And we found this really cool park in Riverside a couple weeks ago. It was amazing! It was a carnival themed playground and it had some really neat playground equipment. The kids loved it!

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