Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Mother/daughter---father/son weekend

The weekend of my muscular dystrophy race, Matt decided he needed to go back to Utah for the Utah vs. Michigan football game. To make it fair so that we could both do what we wanted to do, Matt took Zach with him to Utah and Emmy stayed home with me.

Zach slept in a bed for the first time ever and it looks like he never actually slept in the bed, but wound up on the floor. Ha!

Emmy and I slept over at my aunt Ginxie's apartment the night before the race so that she could watch Emmy while I ran. Then we went to Disneyland for the day. It was really fun being able to hang out with Ginx, Dawna (Ginxie's friend and my adopted auntie) and Emmy.

Dawna and I convinced Ginx and Emmy to go on the Goofy's Sky School ride. Emmy was pretty nervous and both she and Ginx screamed the whole time. Then when we got off, Emmy said, "That wasn't as bad as I thought" and Ginx said, "We are never going on that ride again!" Haha! Dawna and I were dying laughing. It was also Emmy's first time on Radiator Springs Racers. She had a look of terror on her face in the picture, but she loved it! (As a side note, we found out about some hidden fast passes to Radiator Springs but they were hidden in a mailbox that was right behind Goofy. So we had to stand in line to meet Goofy in order to find the passes. Ha!)

Anyway, I had a fun time and hopefully Zach had a fun time hanging out at Grandmas and with Dad!

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