Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Emmy turns 5

Emmy has been celebrating her birthday for over a week! We did some family festivities while we were in Utah, but I wanted to make her actual birthday special for her because she was really sad about having to have her birthday in California. She was afraid she wouldn't get any presents and that no one in California would know it was her birthday.

We had a little birthday party at home with a few girls from church. They made crowns, had a treasure hunt, and threw some water balloons.

We had cake and ice cream and opened presents. It was short and sweet, but I think Emmy really enjoyed it.

The girls were playing with their treasure and Zach came and plopped himself down right in the middle of them. Ha!

She got a fun Lego set, and she and Matt had fun putting it together.

On her actual birthday she wanted to go to the beach. Of course it was cold, windy and threatening rain that day, but we went anyway. She had a ball and wouldn't stop jumping up and down the minute we got there.

Zach just played in the sand.

And then it started to downpour and we saw some lightning and the beach was evacuated. This was about 30 minutes after we got there.

Emmy had fun playing in the rain on the walk back to the car. Even though it was a short-lived beach trip, she still had fun. Of course then it took forever to get home because everyone was leaving the beach at the same time.

She opened presents and we had pizza for dinner. With candles.

She loved this Minnie Mouse doll from Zach.

At 5 years old Emmy...

-loves water (beach, swimming, rain, baths)
-is pretty shy about trying new things and being around new people
-likes to do crafts
-loves to go to Disneyland
-has a bad sweet tooth
-favorite foods are anything sweet, hamburgers, spaghetti, yogurt
-is very sensitive
-has an excellent memory
-is not very good at entertaining herself
-is very particular about things
-loves to watch Disney Jr shows

We love our Emmy!

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