Monday, October 20, 2014


We took the kids on their first "hike" last weekend. I have really missed hiking, and with the possibility of us moving to a non-mountainous region, I wanted to at least try and take the kids. I picked one that looked pretty easy and short: Cecret Lake in Little Cottonwood Canyon. Well, we never made it to the Cecret Lake trailhead, but instead found a little trail with some fun rocks for the kids to climb on.

Emmy LOVED it! She was climbing all over the place and having a ball. Until it was time to turn around. Then she pouted the whole way back to the car. What a stinker!

Zach had a blast walking on the trail and examining the stuff on the edges. He has started calling everything a "dee" (whatever that means) so he would point at every tree, bush, flower, rock, weed, etc. and yell out "dee!" But he had fun too.

It was a gorgeous day in Little Cottonwood Canyon, and I'm so glad my kiddos enjoyed the "hike". I'm determined to find more short, easy hikes to take them on before it snows.

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