Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Awhile ago I decided not to put Emily in 3-year-old preschool. Mostly because I think it's too pricey and because I thought 3 was a little young to do preschool. I thought I'd just do 4-year-old preschool the year before kindergarten and call it good.

A couple of months ago though I was kind of bemoaning my choice not to put her in preschool. She and I have really been struggling with each other lately. She has been quite defiant to me, ornery, and really mean to Zach.

I started to think part of the problem was that she was bored. I can't handle entertaining her all day, and I definitely can't handle thinking of things for her to do all day. I don't believe that kids should be entertained all day, I think it's important to discover and imagine, but I also think they need some guidance in their activities.

Anyway, I was overjoyed when a new family moved into our neighborhood with a little girl exactly Emmy's age. Her mom talked to me about doing a little neighborhood preschool/playgroup with our girls and 2 others from the neighborhood as well.

So we're going to do it 2 days a week, and each of us moms will take one week a month. Today was the first day.

Emily was excited to take her backpack (and insisted on wearing all those bracelets), but she was still a little nervous. She struggled a bit at first, but by the end, she was having a good time. I really hope this will be good for her and help her to be more social and be nicer at home. And I think it will help me to have some structure and to be more patient with her as well.

She had a good first day, and was so proud of her painting. (She also insisted on riding her scooter to preschool).

And the day before preschool to celebrate the last day of summer we went and enjoyed some yummy snow cones! (I may or may not insist that we drive past 3 stands to go to the "good" one!)

I am sad for summer to be over, but I am excited for Emily to have a little more structured activity and socializing during her day because I can't provide that all by myself. (And I'm really excited that I get a break for a couple of hours a week (on the weeks it's not my turn to host!)...that may sound awful, but I really need it, and I think it will help our time together be a lot better.) Plus, since I only have to host once a month, it will be easier and more fun to plan the activities for Emily and her friends.

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