Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Easter this year was lots of fun! The Easter bunny came and left these fun things for the kiddos.

We went to the Riverton City Park for the annual egg hunt with our friends, The Bradys. Emily got some candy for her basket.

Here she is examining her loot!

And eating all the candy. Good thing she got things like almonds and raisins in her eggs from the Easter bunny to make up for the candy filled ones she got at the park!

She refused to sit on the Easter bunny's lap at the park for a picture, but she was excited about the bunny hat, pinwheel, and cookie!

Then we colored some eggs. Emily had so much fun coloring on them with crayon first and then dropping them into the dye. Seriously, she would drop them in and splash dye everywhere! Then she would pull them out and say, "Look...it's orange!" It was pretty funny. Then she had to put glitter and stickers on them. Zach had fun watching.

Here is Zach all dressed up for church! His Easter outfit was a 9-month size and the shirt and sweater fit fine, but the pants were way too big, so he had to wear some other pants. I can't believe he's wearing a 9-month shirt size! And a 6-month pant size.

Emily looked so pretty in her Easter dress.

After church, we went to Grandma Lively's for an Easter dinner. Grandpa Lively took it upon himself to "fix" Zach's hair and give him a comb-over. I think he looks like a little 1950s soda shop boy!

Emily and Derek had lots of fun putting things in these flower pots.

It was a fun Easter weekend!

Oh yeah, for Lent this year I gave up second helpings. I did pretty good. There were only a handful of times that I really wanted a second helping. I resisted most of those times, but there were probably 2-3 times where I gave in. Overall though it was a good practice in portion control. And I also gave up plucking my eyebrows. I know it's weird, but they were really getting to be too thin so I grew them out and now I'm going to go get 'em shaped this week. Happy Lent!


The Lively's said...

I already left a comment but for some reason it didn't work. So here I go again...call me crazy but I like Zachs hair like that! It's cute on him!!!! Derek & Em are cute! They look so matched up perfectly with their outfits! Apparently they were holding hands too, says Aaron! LoL!

Christy said...

yeah, they were holding hands. and running around the yard. it was super cute...until they fell over and both started crying.