Tuesday, April 16, 2013

6 months

My little Zachy boy is 6 months old! And I must say that he is practically a whole new baby. He is happy and content most of the time now, which sure beats crying all day/night! (Although the past couple of days, he has been really fussy...not sure why.) But I love that big, silly smile and that crazy hair!

At 6 months Zach...

-weighs 18.5 pounds...what a chunker!
-is 27.2" tall
-loves to eat cereal and veggies.
-loves his dangly toys.
-likes to look at his Daddy and sister.
-has the cutest little laugh.
-doesn't like bottles.
-likes to be held and walked around.
-still is not sleeping through the night (uggh!)
-kicks his feet around all the time...seriously this boy can't stop moving.
-likes to sing.
-likes to hold onto things, especially my finger or hand.

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