Monday, February 18, 2013

Valentines Day

So this is what you get when you let a 2-year-old loose with some stickers to make a Valentine for her daddy....
Emily LOVED making Valentines this year, and it was so fun to watch her. She put about 500 stickers on each one and then traced around them with markers. It was hilarious. Then she was so excited to give them to Daddy and her grandparents and put one in the mail for Kyle.

Emily and I had a little Valentine's date by getting some fro-yo. Emily was in HEAVEN getting to choose her own color of ice cream and which toppings she wanted.

That little girl has such a sweet tooth! (Don't worry, that huge cup was not full of sugar...that's the only size cup they have!) We had such a fun time.

Then, later that evening, Matt came home and cooked us a yummy steak dinner. And cleaned up. We decided not to get each other material gifts this year, but rather services. So the dinner and clean-up was one of my gifts. I also got coupons for him to wash my car, give me a massage, paint Zach's room, and have a complaint-free night out by myself with him taking care of the kids. Sweet! Then on Friday night, we convinced my Dad to watch the kids and we went and finally saw Les Miserables. Loved it!

I have such a great honey! Happy Valentines Day!

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