Monday, February 18, 2013

Allison's wedding

So my littlest sister, Allison got married last week. She was supposed to get married the end of March, but decided to move it up 7 weeks and got married Feb. 8. Her now-hubby, Jacob, just happens to be the little brother of one of my friends from freshman year at BYU (whose name happens to be Emily and we have the same birthday!)...what a small world!

Anyway, it was a great day!

Since Kyle was on his mission, and was not present to do his traditional "run up and hug the new in-law as they are coming out of the temple" move, we made sure to re-enact the moment that he created at everyone else's weddings by putting a picture of his head on a stick.

Allison did not know about this plan and about died laughing!

We had lots of fun with Kyle.

He made sure to hug everyone!

Here are all the sisters!

Emily and Rivers had fun with Kyle too. And crawling under that white tablecloth in the background and knocking all the pictures off. Oops!

Matt and I took advantage of this moment in which neither one of us had spit-up on us to take a picture of ourselves actually looking decent to remind ourselves that it's still possible.

The reception was fun...Scott made yummy Caribbean food and we did the Crocodile Rock dance, during which I'm sure Jacob's family thought we are all nuts.

Their luncheon was catered by Olive Garden...mmmmm..... 

Anyway, it was a fun day. But I'm glad it's over! My mom was in Hawaii for 10 days right before the wedding, and Allison was calling me like 4 times a day asking me about this or that or wanting me to do this or that. I was happy to help, but I seriously felt like the mother of the bride or something doing all that stuff!

Congrats to Allison and Jacob!

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The Lively's said...

Glad it turned out! The kyle thing was hilarious, very funny!