Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Granny Alta

My Great-Granny Alta passed away recently. She was 98. Except for a period of about a month last summer, she has been in great health and has lived by herself for as long as I can remember. Whenever we would come to visit, she would constantly be getting us a snack or telling us about this or that. It was always fun to visit Granny Alta.

She was a very vibrant and spunky lady. She was quite independent, and didn't hesitate to tell anyone what she thought. For example, the bishop asked her to give a talk in church and she said that she didn't talk in church. The bishop asked again, and she said, "Bishop, when you play the organ in church, I will give a talk." Ha! I love that story. (She played the organ in church for 75 years!) A few years ago, she was the Grand Marshall in the 4th of July parade!

She was very loving and spent her days serving others. She loved to crochet and was always making hangers and blankets, and would always have something to give me when I came to visit. She also donated a lot of her handmade things to hospitals and other charities. I remember when she was about 92, she decided not to renew her drivers' license. She said that she wanted to give it up voluntarily and not have it taken away from her. Before that she would drive all the old ladies in Fairview to the Manti Temple every week! She remembered birthdays and other important events in all of our lives and made us feel special.

The last time we went to visit Granny Alta was in August. She was sitting out on her porch as usual watching "the outfits" head up the mountain. Emmy loved to go see the sheep "hiding in the barn" and get cookies from Granny. Whenever we ran into random people from Fairview, they all knew Granny and had something amazing to say about her.

Even though she was 98, when I heard the news that she had passed away, I was shocked! The day before she died, she had gone to lunch with some family members and seemed to be doing just fine. We really thought she'd live to be 100. Even though I will miss visiting her and learning from her, I am happy for her. 98 years is a long time. Especially since the last 26 years have been spent alone--without my great-grandpa. However, I will always admire her for living a full life, right up to the very last day.

She loved music, and her funeral was basically a musical tribute of all her favorite songs.

When I told Emmy that Granny Alta went to heaven to live with Heavenly Father and Jesus, she said (pointing to the casket), "But she's right there sleeping in her bed."

We love you Granny Alta! Thanks for being such an example of an amazing woman. We will miss you!


The Lively's said...

Sorry about your Grandma! She sounded like a neat lady! I love fairview! I always loved going there and hanging out with my cousins and going to the parade there. I bet my Aunt and Uncle knew her. Their names are John and Colleen Perry. Again sorry about your Grandma!

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