Thursday, October 4, 2012

Big Girl

My little Emmy is getting to be such a big girl. We pulled out the toddler bed this week, and she absolutely LOVES her new "Minnie Mouse" bed. It was her Auntie Allison's bed from when she was a toddler. Her first night after Grandma and Grandpa brought it over, she was so excited to sleep in it, she laid right down on it and told us to turn out the light. We were afraid she'd get scared in the night or fall out, but she did great!

Here she is in the morning after her first night in her new bed.

Her first nap in the new bed was a different story, however. I kept hearing A LOT of rustling around in there for A LONG time. I decided just to leave her in there and see how it went. She finally went to sleep and when I went in to check on her this is what I found...

She had gotten out all her toys, books, diapers, socks, wipes, etc. She even took the changing pad off the table. And see that big, white wad by her pillow? Yeah, that's about 1/2 a box worth of wipes she took out.

The second day, she did much better. I moved the changing table out of her room so she would not waste all those wipes again, and I told her she needed to stay in her bed. And she did great! And she's been doing great for both nighttime and naps ever since. When we tell her it's time for bed or a nap, she'll run and go get in her "Minnie Mouse" bed and lay right down. We moved her crib out yesterday, and I have to admit I was a little sad about it.

I have been kind of surprised at how well she has been adjusting to me moving things out of her room and getting ready for baby brother. And I am so grateful for that. Let's hope it sticks after he gets here. She is so cute helping me put his things away, etc. And she's always talking about baby brother's blankets, or baby brother's toys, or his seat or his bathtub or his diapers or whatever. It's really quite cute.

Every time she sees the camera out she asks me to take a picture. And she makes a "silly face".

She has also gotten pretty good at playing by herself, which has been such a lifesaver when I just really need a small break. She loves her dollhouse, and is always saying things like, "The sister is getting cookies out of the fridge." or "The Daddy needs to go upstairs and take a bath." or "Should the mommy cook some dinner?" It's really quite cute.

But she LOVES to play dollhouse with her Daddy. She always will bring one of the dolls up to him and say, "What should the sister do?" or whatever. She sure does love her daddy.

And we sure do love our Emmy.

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