Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Resolutions 2012

New Years came and went without much of a shebang. After much deliberation, we ended up playing games and having snacks at my parents' house this year with my brothers. It was one of the first years in a long time that I haven't hosted a big party with friends or gone on a trip. But we had fun...especially making fun of Nathan's custom-made Clue sheet and Scott trying to light poppers on fire. Anyway, here are the 2012 Resolutions...

1. Figure out a cooking/meal planning system that works for me. I am not a big fan of cooking unless it's for a party or special occasion. So I need to figure out something that works so I don't hate it so much and so we are eating more healthy again.

2. Get some things organized. blog books printed for 2010 and 2011, my files and pics organized on the computer, my iTunes organized, my paper files labeled and put away, and finish my profile.

3. Figure out how to be fun again. I feel like I used to be a fun, interesting, creative, involved, adventurous person that always had something going on. However, the things that I used to do and enjoy aren't exactly as possible anymore. But just because I can't go out with my friends all the time or host extravagant parties that people actually come to or travel as much anymore doesn't mean I can't still be fun. I just need to find a different kind of fun that works better with my current lifestyle and responsibilities.

4. Figure out some routine activities to do with Emily so we're both not so bored.

5. Eat more fruits and vegetables. I'm hoping Resolution #1 will help with this. Also, I would like to have a garden this summer which should also help. And once we have a house, I will have a place to store canned stuff.


1. Buy a house. Soon.
2. Figure out a temple attendance schedule that works for us and stick with it.
3. Read scriptures daily.
4. Exercise at least 3-4 times per week.


singingrae said...

I really like your resolutions and I have a couple ideas that you might like. I'll try and give you a call to share.

Happy New Year!

Piccolina Designs said...

Great goals. For the meal plan, have you looked at E-mealz? You get a weekly menu with a shopping list and is has lot of customization. both Monica and I have used it and love it. I think it is like $15 for 3 months worth of menus. Just thought I would share.