Monday, January 9, 2012

Reading and Lessons

Emily had to have her baby sitting on her lap while she sat on Daddy's lap to read a story. It was so cute. This baby doll she got for Christmas looks exactly like our little cousin Azilyn. So we call the doll Baby Azilyn. :) (Ashley, I hope that's ok.)

For Christmas I got some lessons. They were a great gift. Lesson #1 was a beaded watch band making lesson. I have always wanted one of these and Matt didn't know what kind to get me so he set up a lesson at a local bead shop so I could make my own. Here is what I made...

I think it turned out really pretty. And I had a lot of fun at my lesson.

I also wanted makeup lessons. I didn't really know this actually existed but my mom looked into it and booked me an appointment at a local salon for a makeup lesson. It was great. I learned a lot of new tips and how to do a smokey eye that doesn't make you look like you have a black eye. I am still practicing, but here is one of my first attempts after the lesson.

I am liking it so far, but I still need to play around with it and get better.

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Bekah said...

I think that is a great idea for a gift. Good work Matt!