Friday, January 20, 2012

18 months

Our little silly turned 18 months this week! This is when she brought me a bunch of barrettes and clippies and ponytail holders and wanted me to put ALL of them in her hair. (You can't even see all the ones in the back.) Ha! Here is a little about Emmy at 18 months....

Favorite Foods: scrambled eggs, hash browns, blueberries, clementines, grapes, pizza, crackers, cookies, milk, Cocoa Puffs, and yogurt.

Favorite Things to Do: Read books, go outside, go up and down stairs, play peek-a-boo, look at pictures of dogs on the computer, and play on our bed.

New Words (learned in the past month or 2): shoe, baby, chair, up, down, on, off, ball, pants, shirt, cup, grapes, shapes, sheep, bow, barrette, car, throw, kick, bonk, puppy, grass, snow, dino, Elmo, no, oops.

Height: 32.3 inches (65%)
Weight: 22.12 pounds (50%)
Head: 17.2 inches (3%)

She is still such a daddy's girl and will run and give him a hug and kiss whenever he gets home. She doesn't like to play with other kids for some reason and will swat them out of the way if they come close. She stayed in nursery by herself for the first time last week for about 45 minutes. She has dropped her morning nap over the past week or 2 and we are both still trying to get used to it. (When am I supposed to take a shower now?) She thinks she needs a cookie every time she goes to grandma's house. She loves to give a bottle and binkie to her baby doll.

She got a bunch of molars last week and I thought I was going to die she was so cranky for several days in a row. But fortunately for the both of us, she is back to being her normal cute self.

We love our little Emmy girl!

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