Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treating

Trick or treating was fun! We only went to 4 houses (the grandparents and auntie's) but we had a lot of fun. Since Emmy doesn't eat candy, and we shouldn't eat candy, we just went to the relatives, but I really wanted to take her and she was so cute!

Here she is checking out her trick or treat bucket.

She was not at all interested in taking any more pics, but at least these are better than the last go-around.

She just wanted to wander around.

She was much more interested in the doggies than the candy.

But then at our last stop (Grandma Lively's), she kept taking handfuls of candy and putting them in her bucket. It was hilarious. And then she was shoving pizza as fast as she could into her mouth. Ha! Happy Halloween! P.S. I may or may not already be planning next year's costume. :)

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rebekah said...

seriously, those are the cutest costumes. I love the enchanted rose!