Monday, October 31, 2011

Be Our Guest

For Halloween this year we decided to go with a Beauty and the Beast theme. I didn't get very good pics of our costumes at our ward Halloween party this weekend, so I will try again tonight, but here's a little preview.

Matt was Gaston. Yes, Gaston. Not the Beast.

I was Belle. (Props to my awesome friend Caron who made this dress.)

And Emily was the Enchanted Rose.

Our car for Trunk or Treat was the table from "Be Our Guest".

The plates and utensils and stuff were "dancing" in the wind on some fishing line, and we had the "Be Our Guest" song playing but you couldn't hear it because of the giant speakers nearby that were playing other Halloween songs.

It was a fun Halloween party. We had tons of pizza for dinner and there were some pretty cool trunks. I was slightly disappointed that we didn't win the prize for best trunk. Oh well, it was still great. We vastly underestimated how much candy to bring and we ran out rather quickly. Someone took pity on us and gave us some extra candy to pass out.

Emily had a grand ole time wandering around the parking lot.

But her favorite part about Halloween was taking the candy out of the bucket and putting it back in. She seriously did this for most of the day on Saturday and Sunday.

It was really funny.

Anyway, we had lots of fun and I am excited to dress up again tonight and take Emmy trick or treating!


Bekah said...

Love love love this!!! Cute idea!

The Lively's said...

The trunk you did was very creative! Thats to bad you didn't win anything! P.S. Matt is a dork! : )

Abe and Lisa said...

Love the Gaston costume! I have a Belle dress and kept thinking how am i going to make abe the beast. I'm totally going to borrow your idea next year. :) Hope u guys are doing well!