Friday, November 11, 2011

Emmy Funnies

Just some random pics and funny things Emmy has been doing lately.

She loves playing with her Halloween candy. She loves to take it out of the bucket and shake it and hide it under the couch. When she can't get it out, she comes over and says, "stuck!" and wants me to get it out from under the couch.

When she takes her shoes off, she says "shooz-ahh". She always does this in the car. When she tries to put her shoes on she says, "nah" for "on".

She loves to brush her teeth and hair, but she doesn't understand the difference between the toothbrush and the hairbrush. She just says "ush".

I just really love this outfit. :) She looks like such a big girl!

She loves to go in my room and get my stuffed animals, and throw them from the bed to the floor. She can say all their names too. (Rocky, Nala, and Sammy). She gives them all kisses and hugs first though.

She can do her farm animal puzzle all by herself, and knows what all the animals are. She can't say all of them yet, but she can point to them on the puzzle. She calls a lot of things "nooey"s. I have no idea what that means, but she says that for bird, bear, heater, Ariel, and probably a lot of other things too.

She LOVES her books. Especially the ones we get at the library. She will sit and look at them over and over and over. She also loves pizza. Every time we have it, she snarfs it down. And every time she hears a noise coming from the direction of the door, she runs to the door and yells "Daddy!" because she thinks it's Daddy coming home. Oh what a little funny girl!


The Lively's said...

She is a cutie! She has such beautiful Blue Eyes!

muffy said...

She is adorable:)