Monday, July 18, 2011

Emmy's Birthday: Presents

Emily got a ton of presents! She sure is a spoiled girl. She didn't quite know what to think of opening presents. She sort of tore little pieces of the paper off the first one, but didn't quite get to the actual present. But she got so many fun things!

I love her little bike helmet! After my dad's crash, I don't want to take any chances toting her around in the bike trailer. So she is going to have to learn to wear a helmet.

She got tons of new books. She loves them!

My family is obviously slacking in their duties to provide Emmy with the appropriate sports attire. Her auntie Melissa makes sure that she has plenty of red. It appears that Em is more concerned with the wrapping paper on her foot.

Guess what her favorite present was? This little bottle of bubbles. She held onto it for the entire night.

Her uncle John made sure to fulfil his uncley duty by getting her the most annoying toy he could find. But she loves her new talking phone.

She also got some fun new toys and clothes. Matt and I may or may not have stayed up late after everyone left and opened all her toys. :)

She also loved that envelope. She kept pointing at the stars on it.

Rivers wanted some presents too!

Laurie was the only one who wore a party hat.

Em wasn't the only one who got presents! Nathan and Jessica got their first wedding present.

Matt and I got Em this little push car walker thing. I think she will love it. Anyway, thanks everyone for all the fun gifts! She sure is a spoiled little cutie.

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