Monday, July 18, 2011

Emmy's Birthday: Prep

My little girl has turned ONE! I was so excited for her birthday, I planned her party for weeks. I decided I wanted to do a butterfly theme with purple, teal, and green colors. I made her a butterfly cake. Matt thought I was funny because I was so serious about making her the perfect cake. So he documented all the preparations.

Emily got a hold of a bottle of sprinkles and dumped them all over the floor. She had a ball spreading them all around the floor. I have a feeling we are going to be finding sprinkles for a very long time.

She played in them for like 30 minutes. It was pretty funny.

This is how her cake turned out. I think it turned out pretty cute. I even went to like 5 different stores in search of the candy stick for the middle. I finally found one at the Cracker Barrell.

I got her some balloons the night before her party. But by the time we got home from church they were already not floating anymore. I almost cried. So I did the next best thing and taped them to the wall. Again, Matt was making fun of me so he had to document.

And the finished decorations and treats!

I had so much fun getting everything ready for her party. Even though she didn't care, I still enjoyed it.

We had a BBQ and birthday party for all the family on her birthday eve. It was really fun, even though our house was busting at the seams with all the people. I can't believe she is a year old! This has been such a fun year watching her learn and grow.

At one year old Emily....
-weighs 19 lbs, 12 oz (30th%)
-is 29.75 inches tall (75th%)
-has a head size of 43 cm (5th%)
-hates to be confined. She loves to be on the move.
-can stand up for a few seconds by herself.
-can say daddy, doggie, duck, yuck and book.
-sleeps from about 6:30 pm to 7am, nap from 9-10:30 and then from 1-3.
-loves to bounce on the exercise ball.
-loves to eat Cheerios.
-likes to play peek-a-boo (especially with whoever sits behind us at church).
-is such a daddy's girl.
-loves to climb the stairs.
-is so much fun! We love her so much.


Cheryl said...

Great Job!!! The cake is so pretty! And I cannot believe she's one already. She is darling!

Kristen Brady said...

Love the cake! Also, I just think Emily is darling! Happy Birthday!