Monday, April 18, 2011

9 Months

Our little Emmy is 9 months today! At 9 months, she...

-weighs 17 lbs, 13 oz. (30th percentile)
-is 28 inches tall (70th percentile)
-has a head size of 42 cm (5th percentile)
-crawls all over
-can pull herself up to stand
-can pick things up with her fingers
-can say dada, mama, hey, bobo, hat (although she doesn't know what they mean)
-knows what a ball, cup, frisbee and her bunny are
-loves stories
-loves to go outside and on stroller rides
-is scared of the swings at the park
-sleeps about 13 hours at night, and takes 2-3 naps
-loves to be turned upside down
-waves her arms around if she doesn't want something
-has a hard time sleeping at other people's houses (hopefully this gets better before we go on vacation!)
-hates it when people leave the room she is in
-likes to chase her ball around
-can't make it through church without spitting up on the floor and a hymnbook
-sucks on her two middle fingers as she is going to sleep
-gives "kisses" and sometimes when we are reading a story, she has to kiss every page
-has 1 1/2 teeth

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