Tuesday, January 18, 2011

6 Months

I can't believe our little Emmy is half a year old today! Time sure does fly. We have had a rough few weeks because since I started working from home, I have been trying to nurse Emily exclusively and not give her bottles of pumped milk like she was drinking when she was with the babysitters. Well, it has been a disaster! She was acting so fussy and getting off schedule, and acting like she wanted to eat ALL THE TIME but not eating well. Then I realized that she was losing weight.

And then I had the speculation that I wasn't producing enough milk for her and the poor thing was starving! So after a trip to the doctor, the lactation specialist, and an infant nutrition consultant, I have started supplementing her feedings with formula. So I nurse first, then give her a small bottle, and then baby food. Sometimes she'll want the bottle, sometimes she won't. And she has been SO MUCH BETTER. Thank goodness. I was going crazy. Of course the regular formula made her break out in hives, so we've had to do soy (holy cow, that stuff is expensive!), but at least she is happier. Which means I am happier too. I didn't want to do the formula thing quite yet, but a happier, more manageable baby is worth it. Kinda ironic we had to start supplementing with formula AFTER I quit work.

Anyway, she finally gained some weight this past week and is back on track. And I am restoring my sanity. :) At 6 months, Emily...

-weighs 14 lbs, 15 oz. (30th %)
-is 26 in. tall (80th %)
-has a head size of 41 cm (10th %)
-loves to suck on her 2 middle fingers
-loves to play with things that make crinkly sounds
-likes stories
-likes to put everything in her mouth
-pants like a little puppy dog when she is excited
-loves to be around people, especially small children
-can scoot backwards on her hands and knees
-can get up onto her hands and knees and rock back and forth
-can get herself into the pushup position on her toes and hands
-loves her baths
-doesn't like green beans or peas
-does not like to snuggle
-still spits up all the time
-rolls over onto her tummy to sleep while sucking her fingers
-is still wearing her 3 month clothes
-moans a lot (it's not really a cry, but a steady moan. Weird.)
-doesn't laugh much. She's only really laughed a few times. :( It makes me sad. Especially when my friends' babies seem to be laughing all the time. A little baby giggle is pretty much the cutest sound ever.

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