Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas break

Most of Christmas break one or more of us were sick. We all got the stomach flu and the regular flu during Christmas break. Yuck! It was miserable. But we still managed to do a few fun things.

It was pretty funny watching Zach in the snow for the first time. He didn't know what to do! He refused to put on mittens, but then cried when he tried to touch the snow and his hands were cold. He tromped around in the snow for a few minutes and then went around and knocked the snow off all the bushes.

Emmy was super excited about the snow. She ran around in it, made snow angels, threw it around, rode on the snow shovel, helped Dad shovel the driveway, and had tons of fun.

Zach wasn't too impressed. Matt took the kids sledding though and they had fun.

We played with all the fun new toys they got for Christmas.

A rare moment that they actually played nicely together.

And this was Emmy on New Year's Day. Sick sick sick. :(  We were all like this at one time or another during the break. Yuck!

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