Tuesday, May 13, 2014


We found out a few weeks ago that Matt's company is relocating. Which means that Matt either has to find a new job or we have to move. We don't even know where the new location is....probably somewhere in the South, but we won't know for sure til the end of May.

We're not sure we want to go. But Matt is having trouble finding a job in what he wants to do here in Utah. What he really wants to do is do design/analysis work in aerospace or turbo-machinery. He is a mechanical engineer, specializing in CFD and has his masters.

We're not necessarily opposed to moving for the right opportunity, so if anyone knows of anything or has any contacts in Utah or anywhere, we would greatly appreciate the info.

It's a crazy time! When we bought our house moved here I thought we'd never move again. And maybe we won't have to, but we are gathering all our options right now, including moving out of state.

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