Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Easter this year was so fun. I loved doing the baskets, the eggs, and everything for Emmy because she was so into it and was so excited about everything.

The week leading up to Easter, we did those resurrection eggs that tell the story of Jesus. She loved to read the scriptures in each egg and learn about the Easter story. She asked to do it every day.

We did our baskets and eggs on Saturday. Emmy was beyond excited about her basket and also wanted to open Zach's eggs too.

We went to the annual egg hunt at the park and saw the Easter bunny!

Yes, I know she looks like a ragamuffin. It is nearly impossible to get her dressed decently and her hair done.

Zach had a blast at the hunt. He would toddle over to an egg, pick it up, open it, take out all the candy and dump it on the ground, then move on to the next egg. It was awesome!

After the park, we came home and dyed eggs. Emmy loved it and keeps asking to dye more eggs every day. She even made her own "dye tablets" by cutting circles out of paper and coloring each one a different color.

On Easter Sunday, we had the usual church battles, but Emmy was adorable in Primary. She gave the prayer in the microphone, sang the songs and participated in Sharing Time. She loves Primary so much. She sits in her little chair and listens to the lesson. Sometimes she comes up and gives me a hug and then goes and sits back down.

I decided that is why I got called as Primary I could see her be good for at least one hour a week. :)

She looked so cute in her dress!

After church we made a bunny cake to take to Easter dinner.

And I can't get over how stinkin' cute Zach looked in his Easter suit.

My dad hid some eggs for the kids to find after dinner. Emmy was really excited about this and she found the most eggs out of everyone!

He even hid some "golden eggs" with special prizes in them for the adults. They were hidden in really hard spots, but we won a Texas Roadhouse gift card!

It was really a fun Easter and it was good to reflect on the resurrection of our Savior. We spent the whole week trying to teach Emmy about the resurrection. One day she asked if the flowers that die will go to heaven too and come alive again. What a cutie!

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