Monday, October 21, 2013

Presents and cake

We had a little family party for Zach last week. Just a casual dinner, presents and cake. Emily was so excited about Zach's party. She wanted so badly to help Zach open his presents and eat birthday cake. In fact, when everyone got here, she offered them some birthday cake! Ha!

Emmy had a grand ole time opening Zach's presents. Zach could have cared less about his gifts, but we are thankful for them! See if you can spot Zach in these present opening pictures...haha!

Zach got some much needed clothes and a new carseat. Thank you everyone!!!

To say that Zach loved his birthday cake would be an understatement. This boy seriously LOVED his cake. I've never seen a kid enjoy his cake so much. Zach just sat there taking little handfuls and putting them in his mouth contently as could be.

Over and over and over.

He may or may not have eaten 3 pieces of cake and was looking for more!

It seriously was the cutest thing I've ever seen. And now whenever he sees any sort of cake or cupcake or whatever, he starts panting and waving his arms until you give him a taste.

And Emmy finally got to have some of that birthday cake too!

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