Wednesday, October 16, 2013

One year old!

I cannot believe that my little Zach is ONE!!!! He is not old enough to be one. But like it or not, a whole year has passed since Zach joined our family. It has probably been the hardest year of my life, but I'm so glad to have Zach around.

I was so nervous about having a boy, and I'll be honest, it took me awhile to get used to the idea. And it took awhile for Zach to grow on me. But a couple of months ago, just after he got his haircut, I had dressed him in some jeans and a hoodie and he looked SO CUTE and I fell in love. Not like I didn't love him before, but at that point he seriously melted my heart and I love my boy!

Matt gave him his own piece of french toast the other day and Zach was beyond excited.

He picked it up and went right to work!

He's only got 2 teeth (both on bottom), so it took him awhile to bite off some pieces. (Actually now he has 3. He grew a vampire tooth! On the top right of his mouth. It's really weird. His top front teeth are not in yet, and I'm not sure why one clear over there is growing in! I'll ask the doc about it at his 1-year checkup.)
And he LOVED it! He ate almost that entire piece! This boy sure loves to eat. He has protested eating baby food and really only wants the real stuff. And a lot of it! I have finally weaned him completely. He still struggles sometimes with the cup, but for the most part does pretty well. I was just glad I never had to buy any formula...that stuff is expensive!

Anyway, at one year old, Zach still doesn't crawl. He is content to army scoot himself around everywhere. He does pull himself up onto his knees like on the furniture or my leg or whatever to see what's going on. He doesn't like to stand or put weight on his feet at all. When I try to get him to do it, he just lifts his feet up! He still is a rotten sleeper, and likes to wake up extremely early (5 a.m. this morning...uggh!) He has a long torso and short legs, so his shirts aren't long enough and his pants are too long! Ha!

He LOVED his birthday cake, and I will post about his party later, but seriously it was so cute. He is definitely a momma's boy and loves having his mommy around and has a hard time going to other people. He has also learned to open cupboards and drawers and take everything out of them. Oh joys! He loves to scoot over to the stairs and throw his toys down the stairs. He doesn't try to go get them, he just likes to play there at the edge of the stairs. Funny! And he loves to throw things on the hardwood floor in the kitchen to hear them make a noise. His favorite is a purple frisbee.

Anyway, Happy Birthday to my little Zach-man. We love having you in our family.

12-Month Checkup: Weight: 21.6 lbs, Height: 30.6 in. Head: 18.1 


Mystique Shepherd said...

I just love Zach's smile!! I don't know how he is when it's just you four, but he just seems so happy. I just think he is the cutest!!!
So I don't have a girl, so I can't compare, but I have loved having boys, I love how much they want me. I could have just put Rivers in time out and if he gets a boo boo he still will come to me first for comfort, and Ollie gets nervous when I leave the room. It can be draining some days, but I love knowing that I am their homebase. Boys are great!

Christy said...

Thanks! I think he is adorable too...obviously. :) Zach is happy and smiley if he is fed, not tired, and Emmy is not bugging him. It has been a struggle to figure out his eating and sleeping. I'm getting better at it, and so he is happier. Since he cried for the first 4 months of his life and since he doesn't sleep well, it was hard for him to grow on me because I was just so exhausted. Plus, I sometimes feel like when he is happy I need to pay attention to Emmy (who has really become a handful since Zach came along) so I'm not able to enjoy his happy times as much as I would like. But I am getting better about this whole 2 kid thing, and hopefully I'll continue to be able to better balance everything.