Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Vacation, Part 3

Although we did spend most of our vacation at the swimming pool (and Legoland), we did manage to do a few other things. One of the days we went sea kayaking and paddled out to some sea caves. It was so fun! I didn't take any pictures of this, but it really was fun. My boss (remember how I work online?) lives in San Diego and he kept saying that if anyone ever came out that way that he had some kayaks we could use. So we totally took him up on it.

We met up with him at a beach about halfway between where we were staying and where he lived, which happened to have some cool caves. We paddled out to the caves and saw some sea lions, jellyfish, and big orange fish. I even jumped in and snorkeled for a little while. It was tricky getting past the waves, but once we did it was pretty calm.

Emmy and Zach had their moments of tantrum throwing and whining. There were several points where Matt was pretty convinced that we'd never go on vacation again, but I made him promise before we left that he wouldn't say that. They both had trouble sleeping in the hotel, which made them extra tired. But at least part of the time they enjoyed each other's company!

Playing together before bed.

We also borrowed some hiking backpacks from my friend and went on a little hike. (This almost didn't happen though because the first time we tried to attempt the hike, Emmy barfed all over in the car right before we got there.) But we tried again another day, and had a nice hike along some beach cliffs.

It is a lot harder hauling your kid around in a backpack on a hike!

But it was fun, and they loved it! Emmy kept saying, "I want to stay on this hike!" I should mention at one point she had to go potty so Matt took her in the bushes and then she kept wanting to go potty in the bushes after that!

The sea cliffs reminded me of Bryce Canyon, only with the ocean in the background. Pretty cool!

Emmy got out and walked for awhile, much to Matt's relief!

Anyway, it was a fun trip! I love the beach!

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