Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Vacation, Part 2: Legoland

We decided that we were going to just do one of the big, expensive parks in Cali and we chose Legoland. We chose it because a) We are going to San Diego in December with my fam and will do Sea World, the zoo, etc. then. b) Disneyland is expensive and I don't think the kids would appreciate it quite yet. and c) All the other parks like Six Flags, Knott's Berry Farm, etc. aren't really for young kids. So Legoland it was. I think it was a good choice.

Emmy had a ball!
We got our tickets at Costco, so we got a second day free for cheaper than getting a one-day ticket at the gate. I would say about 2/3 of the rides are for younger kids, so there was tons of stuff for Emmy to do.

We went on Tuesday and Thursday, and on Tuesday it was quite crowded. Thursday was better. And after 4 or so, it really died down.

Babies were not allowed on any (except 2) of the rides, so Matt and I took turns taking Emmy on the rides.
They had Lego play stations all over the place. Emmy had a blast building towers.

She built one as tall as she was! They even had these Lego stations next to the ride lines so the kids could play while the parents waited in the line. Genius! And there were lots of things to do that didn't involve waiting in a line, like different playgrounds and fountains and forts. So it was good to break things up so you weren't waiting in lines all the time.

Emmy thought it was so cool that she got to "drive" cars, boats, airplanes, helicopters, etc with Mom and Dad.

She also loved this fun musical Lego fountain. She would jump on the "buttons" to hear the music.

They had some Lego water guns you could shoot at Lego statues.

And they had really cool replicas of tons of cities. (NYC, Washington DC, New Orleans, San Franscisco, Las Vegas, etc.) And they had so much detail (down to cars on the roads and people in the swimming pools.) They also had Lego statues everywhere!

They had a water park that we went to for a little while one of the days. Emmy LOVED it! In fact, when she got in the pool she was jumping around yelling, "Fun Day! Fun Day!"

It was fun to see her having so much fun.

I had heard about the famous Legoland apple fries so I had to get some. Basically they are fried apple strips dusted in cinnamon sugar and dipped in whipped cream. Yummy!

This safari ride was Emmy's favorite and she insisted on going on it 4 times.

They also had a little aquarium, which of course Emmy loved. After we went through it, she exclaimed, "Let's do the aquarium again!"

Here we all are on one of the 2 boat rides that Zach was allowed to go on. I'm not sure why he wasn't allowed on the other rides....they were all pretty tame.

We saw Lego Mt. Rushmore, the Sydney Opera House, the Eiffel Tower, and more! There was even a whole Star Wars section that Matt thought was pretty cool. They had a huge space ship made out of like 5 million Legos!

When it was time to go, Emmy begged for one last ride on the safari jeeps.

All in all, Legoland was pretty fun. I think Emmy was a tad young to enjoy everything, but she had a great time. I think the perfect age to go would be from about 4-8 years old. Anything older than that I think they might get bored. But it is great for younger kids. Also, it was nice to have the 2-day pass so we could come and go. The mornings & early afternoons were pretty crowded, but the evenings were practically empty!

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Kristen Brady said...

So glad you went to Legoland! That's one of the places Shawn and I went on our honeymoon. We tell everyone we know going to San Diego to go there - totally worth it!